Project Soho - Studio Rollmops
As part of my master's program in animation, we formed small studios with our peers to do (made-up) commercial work with real clients. With Milan Schweiger, Jennah Kips, Indah Hijmans, and Deborah van Putten we formed Studio Rollmops - named after a funky German and Dutch fish snack that translates to rolled/rolling pug. With many mixed media and more experimental animators on board, we focused on creating unconventional, fresh, handcrafted films and advertisements. 

My role in the studio was 2D animation and character design, as well as some conception, storyboarding, and compositing. Over roundabout three months, we worked for the Eye Filmmuseum in Amsterdam, the Ambassadors, Kaboom Animation Festival, and Playgrounds.

Part of an expanded logo animation

10 jaar eye an het ij
Short social media clip to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Eye Filmmuseum building at the IJ river in Amsterdam.
My roles: Conception, storyboard, character design, parts of the 2D animation

The Eye Filmmuseum in Amsterdam celebrated the 10th anniversary of its building at the IJ river. As part of the celebrations, they commissioned this social media clip showing the facility and the cast group of visitors and filmmakers.

Character explorations

Character style concept 

Unused character concepts

Advertisement for a (fictional) clothing upcycling app; in cooperation with The Ambassadors
My roles: Character design, 2D animation, some Stop Motion animation, and compositing.

In the fictional app "Patch'd" users can give their old garments a second chance by reselling and upcycling.

Character Design "Sam"

Draft for puppet construction

Character Designs "Dancing Clothes"

Character Designs "Dancing Clothes"

Rough animation of the dancing garments at the end of the ad

"Games and VR" - part of a title teaser for Playgrounds The Art Department 2022
My roles: Character design, prop design, some effect animation, 3D modeling,  3D printing, some model construction/painting

Character Sketch

Car concept art

3D model of the laser

3D model of the laser

Pixel art props

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